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WikiTranslator is a Wikipedia-based translation engine
for professional terms and vocabulary.

It does work for non-professional things too, of course!

A group of people

Human curated

Millions of Wikipedia articles in different languages are linked together by volunteers to provide the ability to switch between them. This page uses Wikipedia's APIs to let you use these links like a more classic translator product.

An Erlenmeyer flask and an atom

Accurate and specialised

Do you need to know the proper term for the corpuscular theory of light in German? Or how would a French biologist refer to cytokinesis? WikiTranslator can provide correct translations for complicated terminology and allows you to quickly verify that the terms match by providing a summary of both articles.

A fast-moving feather

Fast and small

By only downloading the necessary data and no pictures, WikiTranslator can reduce the bandwidth you use for browsing Wikipedia entries, enabling quality translations even when access to the Internet may be scarce.

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